Prevention plan in CoEspai

Prevention plan in CoEspai
6 de maig de 2020 coespai
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Our goal is to continue with our professional activity with the maximum haste and normality as possible, protecting the health and security of the CoEspai community. For that reason, we have taken measures that include different action plans.

Space cleanliness

We keep an intense cleanliness in the most concurred spaces, using accredited disinfectant products. In this process we have received advice from Dibosch. At Coespai, disinfectant spray and paper are always available at your disposal.


In the kitchen: 

A dishwasher has been made available to all coworkers to guarantee the deep cleaning at high temperature of the kitchen utensils that we have.

You can use the microwave and refrigerator. but nothing can be left in the fridge from one day to the next, as we will empty and clean it every night.

At the work tables:

Each coworker agrees to clean and spray disinfectant on their workspace at the beginning and end of the workday.

In the meeting rooms:

Each user will be responsible for cleaning the meeting room surfaces with a disinfectant spray, before and after use. That includes the table, chairs, electronics that have been used, the door handle, and the light and air conditioning switches.

In the bathrooms:

The towels have been withdrawn and replaced with single-use paper towels. In each bathroom (space A and space B) you will find a bucket with a red lid to deposit, if necessary, masks and gloves, as well as the paper used to clean the work tables and meeting rooms.

In the common spaces of the building:

The building has been asked to apply the same cleaning protocols in shared spaces.



For the safety of all, we require to maintain the rules of social distancing, and to also do it in the common spaces of the building (entrance, stairs and elevator).

Those using fingerprint access control are asked to temporarily use the access card to access the coworking space. If you do not have it, we will do it quickly.

We have an infrared thermometer at the entrance so that everyone can read the temperature at the beginning of the day. If the reading exceeds 37.5 ºC you will have to go home.

We remind the importance of washing your hands well and doing it regularly, since together with the use of masks, it has been proven that it is the best way to minimize the risk of contagion.

As a complement to hand washing, you will find 5 dispensers of wipes and hydroalcoholic solution distributed around the space: entrance, rest area / vending, next to the clementina meeting room, next to the Kumquat meeting room and in the bathroom of the area B.


Air conditioning

The air conditioning will work permanently in air renewal mode and we will force natural ventilation by opening windows at the beginning and at the end of the day. We will be more than ever scrupulous with the maintenance of the air conditioning installation.


We guarantee the safety distance with the relocation of some of the work tables. We have enough space so that everyone is comfortable and can work with the same quality as before. In the case of private law firms, we analyze each case and agree on the actions with the user companies.

Common areas

We ask you not to use the rest area with more than 3 people at the same time.

We have limited the capacity for talks and exhibitions and, if the activity allows it, they are offered online.

Meeting rooms and visits

We ask that you always accompany your visits at all times and for the visits to be scheduled in advance.

We temporarily reduce the capacity of the Clementina room to 3 people.

Visitors must respect the protocols and are also asked not to access the space beyond the meeting room that has been reserved. That includes the body temperature reading as well.

Parcel reception service

We will disinfect the parcel upon reception and, if you receive it in a cardboard box, we will deposit it in a plastic bag.

We ask that you do not take the packages to your work space, but open them in the same reception area and that you deposit the packaging in the bin set up in the bathroom.

It is important to remove the package as quickly as possible so that it does not accumulate.


We hope that these measures will help us to regain the desired normality and that they will be as temporary as possible.


Celeste y Narcís – CoEspai Team